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This is the official blog site for Gear Girls International. Gear Girls International is a new community of men and women who appreciate the female sex not just in nude form but wearing gear such as wetsuits, drysuits, scuba gear, motorcycle leather suits, helmets, equestrian fashion, riding boots, latex, cosplay clothing, and other garments. The internet is awash with thousands, if not millions, of sites dedicated to nudity, lingerie, and bathing suits. Our fetish is unique in the aspect that there is more to being sexy than just those more traditional clothing, or lack thereof! For years, this fetish had been considered a predominate domain for gay males. That is a misconception we wish to break! Even straight men as well as bisexual or lesbian women also can love and appreciate the female body encased in such form-fitting, tight gear as well! We want our social network to not only be a free and open place and free of censorship within reason and without any drama or socio-political ugliness. Something that has plagued other social media sites.
You are all invited to join us.

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