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Goodbye, Pinterest…..sort of!

As the noose of online censorship tightens ever so steadily as time goes by, I think those of us who are against censorship and run alternative or adult-oriented websites, blogs, and other online presences, are going to have to seriously consider other options to keep afloat on the World Wide Web in other ways and become creative enough and savvy enough to keep their messages and work alive! For a while now, end even before I conceived the idea of Gear Girls International, I have had a page on and it was fun to post things on there and see what others have been sharing but the censorship has become too much to deal with and so while I will keep my presence on there, I will no longer be posting anything after this June 1st. In fact, nearly all the photos and videos collected on there will be purged on my page but you will start seeing them at GGI. I am going to use Pinterest, as much as I do now with Pornhub or Facebook. Making them just portals to the GGI main site. There is also another reason to scale down my presence to all these supposed “social” networking sites; Time! You can only be in so many places on the internet for so much time! It is draining and frankly, keeps me from maintaining and participating to the development and success of GGI! Once I’m in a better position to get help for maintaining the GGI Community through getting some help like moderators and technical support, I will be freer to spend time with more promoting of our community. Right now, it’s just me doing everything!

Getting back the looming and dominating topic of censorship, it should be apparently obvious, and once again I will say this, that the time for looking for other solutions and ideas to keep our work, our communities, and our opinions out there is becoming more imperative than ever. We are at the point where we can no longer rely on what the “Big Tech” cabal provides for us as platforms! For this post, I will allow for comments as I want to see what you all have to say about it. Give me your input!

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