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Heavy Gear Girls R.I.P.

It looks as if we have lost another great online board for gear fetish related stuff. It would appear that Heavy Gear Girls is no more. I got word from a few people about this and it seems as of now the site and its account has been suspended. That is unfortunate as it was a great resource and gathering place for those of us who share in this fetish. We simply do not have enough places to go online for what we enjoy. Then again, our tribe is small when you compare it to other fetish-oriented scenes. In my ideal World, we would have hundreds of fetish communities and have larger numbers in our ranks. Also, some of you have been misinformed about Gear Girls International being closed. Not true! We are still here! I will admit to the fact that Heavy Gear Girls was partially the inspiration to create Gear Girls International among the other inspirations involved. I want to invite all those who were on Heavy Gear Girls to come over to our community and participate. We are still a growing community and you would be welcomed!

My hope is that this is only a temporary thing for the people at Heavy Gear Girls and they can resurrect that great site! I wish them all nothing but the best in the future regardless.

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