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Donations and Future Goals.

GGI needs money! I know that times are tough for a lot of people, myself included, but in order to maintain our community, it costs cash! Even though there is nothing elaborate about the community, it does cost to park the website at a host, maintaining it, improving it, as well as keeping the URL name as well as adding another URL to the site which is coming soon. I have chosen not to take the PayPal route because they do not allow for adult sites to use their services which is silly IMHO! I think Patreon is the same way. Right now, I will be adding a donations section for GGI which will be voluntary and all I ask is to give what you can and when you can. I have set up a Buy Me a Coffee page where you can make a donation for this site. There is also another reason to donate as well. I want to acquire more photos, videos, and other media to post in our community and many of these things which are not cheap. For example, Getty Images charges up to almost $500 U.S. for the use of their photos. It seems rather absurd for them to charge such high prices but it is what it is. Other media archives charge high prices too! Also, you have to consider the cost of license fees and other muddled red tape! It’s almost archaic to the point of madness!

Another reason to factor in with donations is, as I mentioned before, to improve on GGI and to build it up. I would love to see us evolve into an adult version of a social networking site more akin to MySpace or Facebook before the negativity, Facebook jail, and dumb algorithms took over. I also still aspire to have a VIP room where you can see original photos and videos. Still, I have no real plans to put a paywall around GGI. It’s still YOUR community and will remain as such.

Once again, this is voluntary and even if you pay 5 U.S. Dollars, 5 Euros, 5 Pounds, or 5 Yen, you are contributing to keep us afloat and help build this community up. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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